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PITS is a Phovesto Group Company Formed to address technological needs such as Digital Tools, Database management, Cloud computing, Application development, programming, and so on.

PITS is acronymed as "Phovesto Information Technology Solutions" Originally formed for custom development of industrial tools and managing the Digital Space. 

We at PITS provide customized tech solutions for every business segment with a dedicated team of engineers, Programmers, and Developers. PITS has served industries in the areas of Manufacturing, Energy, Automotive, Chemicals, Infrastructure, Educational, and various service providers.

Our services are highly focused on serving the industrial segment of all sizes and scope.


To be the go-to IT company for every consumer segment by providing the best fit technological solutions and products and delivering value to all stakeholders. 


Business Handshake
  • Providing the most economical solution with best in quality design, products, and services.

  • Deliver customer needs by addressing actual technology requirements.

  • Ease to use Services saving cost, time and improving quality.

  • Provide solutions to reduce the complexity of existing work.

  • Create a culture where the environment, customers, shareholders and people involving directly and indirectly enrich and benefit, thereby establishing the true value of the company

  • Providing opportunities for the employees to learn to develop and adapt their skills and in turn provide the best in class services for the organization.

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